STX Solution 3 budget method

User presents (3) budgets in the first meeting!

All credit goes to one our User who gave us permission to share his brilliant (3) bid method.  First off it’s not what you’re thinking, high/middle/low, this method is far more clever.

#1 The Dream Budget

We invite the customer to select everything their heart desires, like you just won the lottery.  The salesperson explains that this information will be considered when wiring their home, giving them the ability to expand their options in the future.  The customer drops their guard and has fun selecting the best equipment.  When they review the budget, instead of having sticker shock they proclaim what good taste they have. 

#2 The Comfort Budget

During the second budget we ask the customer to make new decisions selecting what they are comfortable with.  The new budget total is typically around half the Dream Budget and gives the customer a sense of being more frugal with their purchase choices. 

#3 The Future Budget

The third budget includes the items that they were going back and forth on. You tell the customer that when you follow up with them in six months, you’ll bring this budget with you and see if there’s anything that they want at that time. Your customer feels like you’re not trying to push them into more technology then what they’re ready for. 

Fast forward 6 months

You go out to review the systems and give the customer a training refresher then you present them with The Future Budget.  Our User says that 100% of the time the customer is ecstatic with the equipment and wonders why they held off on the other products.  Very clever way of building in your future revenue.

Here’s the Brilliant part

Our User says that 25% of the time when they come back for the 6 month follow up, the customer says they want to go for their Dream Budget!  Now that’s brilliant but why does this happen?  What we think is that you’ve introduced technology at the speed of what the customer was comfortable with.  You also planted the seeds of what they could have.

Thank you for reading.  We hope that our User gave you some great ideas of how you can maximize STX Sales|Design’s client-facing app.