Business Process Development


Business Processes create the culture of your business and set the standard for how information is communicated between your team, your customers, and trade partners.

Contractors have 150 processes in every project and when well executed will increase the efficiency and profitability of your job as well as the experience for everyone involved. We understand the importance of your processes and have documented them in a flow chart you can use to start on your process development path.

STX approaches their software solution in a similar way starting first with an overview of your Business Process Flow Chart. We know that this will help you better understand what each department needs and how we’ve created our software to automate those processes.

Successful Processes can be repeated to grow and evolve with your business, helping you determine when and what skills are needed to hire, sell or finance your company.

Additionally, Business Processes improve accuracy, minimize errors and corresponding expense.

STX uses this Business Process Flow Chart to assist your Company successfully automate your business, reduce stress and strengthen your team.

Ready to start your Business Process path?  We’d love to help.

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