Schedule, purchase, deliver, service

We combine Sales with Operations
Easily convert your proposals into projects and manage from one dashboard

Congratulations, you’ve won the job, now it’s on you to order the equipment, schedule the work, and install the equipment in a timely manner that meets your customer’s expectations and increases your bank account.  That’s a lot to do and we can help you manage it all from your phone, lap top and office.

Manage your People

Create Work Orders directly from the Proposal to your Technician’s phone tracking their completed items and hours and tasks remaining.

Manage your Product

Create Purchase Orders directly from your Proposal, checking stock and staged products before placing the final order.  Combine orders for Vendor discounts.

Manage your Invoicing

Invoice customers directly from Work Orders or Service tickets or into your accounting software.  Track sales and invoices all from one screen.

Use our Responsive Intelligence technology to manage your people, projects and products
Leads and Contacts

Enter all your contacts into one location then tag and track Leads, Customers, Builders, Vendors or other custom filter.

Automate Purchasing

Products required are automatically created onto a Purchase request as Work Orders are created, insuring you have product on time.

Invoicing and Change Orders

Provide full product and service details to technicians so they know when a phase is complete or a Change Order is requested.

Scheduling & Job Status

View the STX Operations built-in calendar by project or technician, running reports that track the status of the project’s completion.

Service Calls & Work Orders

Direct your technicians on the specific tasks to be completed with our Service tickets and Work Order templates.

Free GPS tracking

Our free GPS tracking allows you to coordinate your technicians for optimal efficiency of all your projects and Service calls.

Notes and Punch lists

Notes and punch list items are sent digitally from field Work Orders and Service tickets, bringing the project to full completion.

Inventory and Custody Control

Instantly check both whether you have the product and where it is, allowing for transfers from your truck or staged to fulfill a rush job.

Third party and QuickBooks integration

Export customer info, proposals, product, purchase orders, labor hours and invoices to QuickBooks and other third party software.

Manage. Track. Finish.
Manage it all from one dashboard
Manage People, Projects, and Products, from the field or office
Individual and Company Schedules

Project information is integrated into your built-in schedule displaying each of your team in their own color.  Move the appointment times to a new spot when you see them stacking up, it’s just that easy!

Service and Work Orders

Create Work Orders directly from the proposal providing complete details to your field staff.  Service templates collect customer concerns quickly into action items.  Both provide your technicians with “Work to be done”, “Completed work”, “Findings”, and “Recommendations”.

Free GPS tracking

Track and redirect your team when you need to respond to a Service call or utilize remaining time in a technicians schedule.



Our software platform is expandable so whether you’re the main salesperson, a team or hiring an independent salesperson, we have a package that will fit your needs. Select PRICE OPTIONS for more details.



Experience STX SOLUTION live and see how easy it is to present your company’s product and services, building a budget in real time.  Let us know what time works for you by selecting the LIVE DEMO link.



We’d love for you to give STX SOLUTION a test drive to experience for yourself how easy it is to present options with pictures and pricing, building a budget with your customer in your first meeting.



We include everything you need to quickly and successfully present your products and services including unlimited training, best practices, and all the data you need to grow your sales.

Let show you how to manage your jobs from the field.


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