FREE QuickBooks Webinar; “10 things to fix for CI Job-costing”

December 17th, 10am pst, 12pm cst, 1pm est
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December 30th, 10am pst, 12pm cst, 1pm est
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Wonder why it’s hard to track your Job costs in QuickBooks? There are 10 issues you’re running into that also affect your Sales, Net profit, and Customer Deposits that need to change for your reports to give you current and correct information. Take 60 minutes to learn how to get control and visibility of your company.  Here’s some of the areas we’ll be exposing;

  • Why your Profit & Loss statement doesn’t tell you your actual profit
  • When to recognize the Sale and catch Change Orders
  • How to track labor by employee, by stage, and by job
  • How Inventory control impacts your Job costs
  • The importance of staging and internal packing slips
  • The right way to set-up items, service and materials
  • Identify what you’re selling by category and if you’re making money
  • Why you care about running reports in Accrual vs Cash
  • When is Sales Tax due on Deposits
  • How to bill based on a Flat rate vs Time & Materials

Rest assured that we know you’re not Accountants, you don’t need to be. Once this starts to get explained to you, the mystery will be solved and you will start to feel in control of your numbers and what they are trying to tell you. This information is crucial to making good decisions and forecasting what your business needs to be successful.

All those who attend will also receive an Action list and a recommended Chart of Accounts. If you’re unable to attend, register and we’ll send you the recording.

“Look forward to helping you understand and resolve your QuickBooks Job-Costing.”
Susan Sipe
CEO Abacus Prime llc
developer of STX Solution, Salez Toolz Expanded

About the Instructor:
You may recognize Susan from her 15 years of Accounting trainings at CEDIA, Tech Summits, CEPro and Manufacturers. Susan and her husband Mark Sipe ran a Systems Integration business for 10 years during which she mastered the set-up and processes necessary to get accurate and timely job-costing information out of QuickBooks.
After the sale of their company Susan and Mark began traveling across the country providing in-person QuickBooks and Business Process consultation.

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