Live QuickBooks training series: “Fix Your QuickBooks”

Fix Your QuickBooks

dates: 01/14, 01/21, 01/28, 02/04 (Thursdays)
time: 1 hour same time each week 8-9am pacific, 10am-11am central, 11am – 12pm est (leave extra time for questions)
Includes: Recorded session, Process Keystroke Guide, Chart of Accounts, Recommended Financial Reports
Cost $390 before 12/31/20, $590 after 01/08/21


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Are you concerned that you’re unable to see your actual costs for product and labor for that big project?  Confused with the information that your QuickBooks Sales reports are telling you?

QuickBooks can provide you with the information you need but it needs a bit of tweaking to make it perform, not unlike the custom programming you provide to your customers.

As a former Systems Integrator and business owner, it felt like we were constantly behind on invoicing, tracking labor, ordering product, and missing Change Orders.

The solution was two part, QuickBooks set-up for sure but also a better understanding of our business processes.  Once we defined our processes, we understood how to get QuickBooks to track and control our labor and product.

In our live training series we’ll show you how to take each step to set-up your QuickBooks and provide you with the business processes for tracking your Estimates, Progress Payments, Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, and Inventory.

Here’s the training agenda.

Starting with QuickBooks “Preferences”, we’ll fix the app’s set-up parameters to better function for your contracting business model.  Next expand your “Chart of Accounts” to identify your profit centers.  Show you how to standardize your “Items list” and map them to your new Chart of Accounts.  We’ll also navigate you through creating new Payroll Items to monitor labor costs.  This will Fix the framework of your QuickBooks app.

– Change preference settings for Contractors business model
– Modify your Chart of Accounts to track profit centers
– Set-up Items list and standardize data-entry
– Automate “Item” usage in Sales, Purchasing, & Installation
– Create Payroll Items that tag Jobs for true labor costs

Correctly invoicing for a percentage of a Job verses tracking the delivering of product and labor is where almost all QuickBooks Users go down the wrong path.   Learn how to properly set-up the customer’s account to separately track and reconcile the Contract’s Payment Schedule and the actual product and labor provided to the Job. Create “Groups” to expedite the entry of pre-engineered product solutions.  Save “Memorized transactions” to automate your RMR and Monitored Services invoicing and reconciliation.

– Properly invoice Customer Deposits & Percentage Invoices
– Create Deposit Liability account to monitor customer payments
– Separate the Billing Estimate from Product & Labor Estimate
– Make “Item Groups” to expedite entry pre-engineered solutions
– Automate billing of RMR & Monitored services

Tracking actual product delivered to the job is a crucial step in catching Change Orders and fulfilling the Contract.  Now that you’ve learned to separate out your customer progress invoices, we’ll show you how QuickBooks can help you automate the Ordering of product across multiple Jobs.  Learn methods to Stage for the Job that controls inventory and catches Change Orders.

– Create Purchase Orders from Estimates
– Use Sales Orders to consolidate your product orders
– Receive Vendor Bills and confirm discounts
– Stage the Job and eliminate unnecessary go backs
– Track Job Completion

Now we’re getting to the good stuff, the ability to see your TRUE Sales, Costs and Profits simply by running a report.   Before we run our reports, we’ll learn how to enter time against the Job and invoice for every minute provided.  Apply Customer payments and run reports to see how our Contract compares to the actual product and labor delivered.  We’ll also save reports that will help you forecast your Sales and Cash Flow demands.

– Enter time by Job and labor phase to monitor labor costs
– Apply Deposits and catch missed Progress invoices
– Catch Change Orders and bill in time to get paid
– Predict Labor demands and control overages
– Run meaningful Sales and forecast Cash Flow

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